Exposure daily to perfumes, lotions, certain household chemicals and outside chemicals, even the air can lead to oxidation and/or tarnish to precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum and can harm certain gemstones, even turquoise. Spritz perfumes/colognes before putting on any gemstone jewelry. Clean your jewelry frequently with a soft cloth. We do not advise swimming in chlorinated pools whilst wearing your jewelry as this can lead to discoloration. Be mindful of excessive heats - this can lead many gemstones to have color discoloration and cause cracking.



Brass is a mixture of Copper and Zinc. The copper can oxidize to create a green finger on some people due to natural oils and chemicals on your skin, any exposure to perfumes or after being often worn in the shower or left exposed to the elements. Although I wear Brass regularly some people do not like the green finger. Please email brooklynsmithy [at] if you would like Gold and do not see this as an option or you can upgrade to Sterling Silver. Maintain shine with a soft jewelry polishing cloth.



Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver 7.5% Copper. It can tarnish, (the tarnish is removable). Maintain a beautiful shine and remove any tarnish by oxidation, by gently rubbing with a soft 100% cotton cloth or Silver jewelry polishing cloth. We recommend not using any silver dips for removing oxidation - this can cause Sterling Silver to darken faster.



14K Gold / 14KT Gold is 58.3% Pure Gold with the remaining 41.6% another metal. It does not tarnish. Maintain a beautiful shine and remove any oils from skin or makeup that can dull your jewelry, by rinsing in a bowl of warm water and a drop of natural mild detergent for a few minutes. Dry with a soft polishing cloth.