I was born in Los Alamos, NM. Until the age of 19 I spent my life skateboarding, fishing, roaming the mountains of northern New Mexico and Colorado with my Dad.

My dad taught me happiness.

My dad taught me everything I know about what true happiness is. "It was all about being there" he always said while we were fishing or hunting during my youth. Most of the time he was saying that while I was crying over not catching any fish. When I got older I thought more about his famous (to me) words and it began to make sense. "Being There" It means having a purpose. It was never about catching fish, finding gold, or killing an animal in the first place. It was about being there and experiencing adventure together. His persistence in getting me into nature, no matter how much resistance I gave him, shaped me into a very content adult with forethoughts of providing the same sense of adventure for my own children someday. So here is to the Dad of Dads,

Thank you.

I've been in New York City since 2010. Making rings for the last 8 years have put me into a world that I'm familiar with. The rings require patience, and vision. When I make a new ring it makes me feel free, then exhausted and finally proud to have "been there" with these solid metal trophies resting on my fingers. I'm also always looking forward to the next catch of the day. These values are embedded in me as a designer.

If you buy something from me, you must know that it felt like I was fishing in a pristine River in the Rocky Mountains while building it for you. Whether you understand that or not a little piece of that will remain in that ring forever.

J C   O R T I Z