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All Seeing Eye of God Ring 100% | Made in U.S.A. 

This is the perfect heavy metal biker ring for men with large hands. Solid the whole way through the wearer feels luxury, confidence and independence with a rebellious edge as they stare on into the horizons, with a heavy hand like a king and the Eye of God gripping the handlebars.

Most rings you'll find out there have material relief under the face to save money in manufacturing. If you purchase our ring, you get a solid material ring. Invest in quality, you will not be disappointed.  

Custom sizing available. We build every piece of ours by hand so no size including 1/4 and 1/8 sizes are not off the table. Please purchase the nearest size to what you need and send us an email with the size you desire.

Please contact us at Brooklynsmithy@gmail.com
or say hello on Instagram: @brooklynsmithy