When will my order ship?
It takes us about 1 to 3 days to process earring orders, 2 1/2 weeks for our other 
collection orders and 3 to 4 weeks for a custom order request.
Processing means that us and our team have your order cast, or hand forged in 
our studio, sized perfectly to your request and finished before shipping. 
Processing times vary according to season. If you need an order rushed right 
away, email us at before hand to let us know how we 
can help get it to you in record time.



Where does BKS ship?
We ship to all 50 USA states and worldwide to Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, 
Asia and the Middle East using United States Postal Service. We are working on 
being truly worldwide. If you are unsure whether we can ship to you, tag us 
@Brooklynsmithy to let us know where you live.

We offer the following shipping speeds so if you need it sooner rather than can 
wait, we have you covered. 

Standard (USA) 5-7 Business Days $3
Standard (International) 10-21 Business Days $14
Expedited (USA) 2-3 Business Days $7
Expedited (International) 8-10 Business Days $28
Rush (USA) 1-2 Business Days $25
Rush (International) 3-5 Business Days $60

***** We offer FREE Standard shipping on all orders over $500 *****

Please allow orders to be processed first before we ship. If you need us to also 
rush your order that is not a problem! Let us know before hand in a quick email or 
@Brooklynsmithy in a direct message, if you need your order by a specific date so 
that we can get it to you early.

Customs Taxes
International customers, your order may be subject to a customs tax when it ships 
to the country you are in.

As a BKS customer it is your responsibility to pay any customs taxes on the 
shipment of your order if it is required. The amount is calculated according to the 
law applicable in the country where goods are sent.
We do not know the amount of customs taxes that will be communicated to you after the goods have reached their destination.

In the event that the taxes are not paid and the shipment is refused or abandoned 
as a result, the shipment expenses and the customs taxes will be deducted from the 
total amount of the order and the difference will be reimbursed to you. 

How can I edit my shipping address? 
I entered the wrong zip code... My shipping address is incomplete... HELP!
Please email us as soon as possible at so that we can 
edit the address on your order shipping label. In the rare occurrence that a wrong zip code or misprinted addressed package is shipped out, please allow us to query with the postal carrier, allow them to identify the shipment and allow for us to cancel that shipment. We will then resend the package out to you at no additional postage label fee.


I'd love a custom, how do we do that, what are your prices?

Let us make the goods of your dreams. Email us or @Brooklynsmithy us and send 
a quick direct message with your thoughts and any picture references. We specialize in custom rings and every day carry items at our RING BAR annex. Got that perfect idea, need it visualized and made solid? We can do that for you and we make it all right here where our studio is in the USA.

Small to medium weight signet rings range from $385 - $400 in Sterling Silver. 
Monster weight signet rings range from $450+ in Sterling Silver.
Price depends on complexity of the piece + weight + material.
As our preferred choice all customs unless otherwise agreed are made in Sterling 
Silver for it's fine quality, preciousness and sentimental affordability. 
We also produce in 14K golds, 18K golds, Palladium and Platinum.

How do I find out more about products in your collection?
Each product in our collection has a description of the product on its product page. Alternatively if you would like to hear more information shoot us a quick email at or direct message us @Brooklynsmithy. We typically respond in under two hours but if there is a delay, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are also working on adding more testimonials. If you follow us over on Instagram, @Brooklynsmithy, our Instagram stories are a place where we are posting daily testimonials.

Do you do bulk custom orders, how do we do that, what are your prices?
Yes we do bulk custom orders for band merchandise, custom persona orders, 
event favors and events. Please email us directly at or to specifically Pia at for bulk custom products over at our 

Prices are highly competitive, product will all be MADE IN USA, and individual per piece price after sampling will depend on the complexity, weight and materials required for a custom project and the quantity of the order.
So far our production quantity is up to 1000 pieces with processing time being 
4/5 weeks before shipment. 

Where is your product made?
We make all our products right here in the USA and work with family run casting 
businesses on the east coast of America to help us achieve our collection. All sizing, finishing and most of our stone setting is done in house at our studio currently based in Northern New Mexico state (we are located north of Sante Fe in the Atomic city of Los Alamos). 
Our semi and precious stones are one thing that we do out source. 
All our diamonds are conflict free and we work with top setters and diamond houses in Manhattan, NYC to present these to you. 

Can I customize a product in your collection?
Yes absolutely. Email us or dm @Brooklynsmithy to let us know what you are wanting. We welcome it!



The science.
It's our role to understand fingers and your hands. Hands are a product of your lifestyle. Fingers are slimmest at the beginning of your day and gradually swell throughout the day or when hot. The normal is that in cold weather fingers feel slimmer, in hot weather fingers are more swollen and on your more dominant hand, fingers tend to be larger than your less dominant hand.

Getting measured at a jeweler
If you are purchasing our wide ring band styles we recommend that you get measured at a professional jewelers, with a wide ring band sizer.
This service is usually complimentary and takes less than 30 seconds once there.
Please have yourself measured with a fine ring band if ordering a featherweight ring style.

Is it true that I can send you a picture of my hands and you can size my fingers from that?
Yes. Alternatively, send us a picture of your hands as a size reference. 
Please indicate the finger you want to wear your ring on and have your hand next to a sizable object we can recognize like a ruler, phone, quarter coin. (We have even had hands next to pets before. It helps!)

Could you possibly resize the ring you made me? I need my ring a tiny bit bigger. By the end of the day my fingers are swollen and my ring is harder to take off / I need my ring to be a smaller size / Uh oh, I bought this as a gift and need it to be totally different size. HELP!
Yes of course, we can size up or size down. We offer all orders one complimentary 
resize. Please email us at to let us know the size you want to go up or down to and to gain our studio address to send the item back to us. We will resize once we receive your ring and ship back to you using USPS Priority mail with insurance and tracking. Shipping your item to us is your responsibility, however we've got you on returning the item back to you, we'll even shine it back up again if it has been previously worn. 
Additional Resizes
Additional resizes and tailoring after the confirmation of one complimentary resize is charged at $25.00USD for all collection items without stones and $60.00USD for all items with semi-precious and precious stones.

I have REALLY LARGE fingers, what is the largest size you do?
We are used to making tiny rings and giant monster rings. Sizes 4 and below and sizes 15, 16 and 17 and their in between sizes are all capable with us. Just let us know if you do not see your size. We do 1/4 and 1/2 sizes too, if you don't see the option on the website please leave us a note at checkout, email or message us to let us know your ideal fit. Certain styles (such as our chunky band rings) we recommend for larger hands likewise thinner featherweight bands we recommend more strongly for smaller fingers or pinky rings. 



We accept Paypal and Apple Pay as well as the following credit and debit cards: 
American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 
Feel comfortable shopping with us. Our website is secured using SSL encryption and uses PCI Compliance to secure customer information and all credit card details.   


We're sorry you weren't in love with your BKS. 
But here's what to do. Shoot us a quick email reaching out at with your order number and the products you would 
either like to exchange or return. Send your order (or what ever part of your order you are unhappy with) back to us with a tracking number to the shipping address that we provide you. 
We will issue a refund minus the cost of shipping on receipt of the product back to 
us. All exchange items we will then process and ship back out to you using 
complimentary USPS Priority mail which is insured and comes with a tracking number.

We do have two exceptions for our refund process and these are as follows:

1. EARRINGS: All earrings or jewelry for pierced parts of the body are final sale. 
We will however issue a full refund if you need to cancel your order and do so within 
12 hours of placing your order (before it has been processed by our team if your 
order is placed online). If you purchase from us in person, we issue a full refund on 
unworn product within the first hour after original purchase.

2. CUSTOM JEWELRY: All custom jewelry orders that were a special order request 
are non refundable but fully exchangeable. We will happily exchange for collection 
items of equal value that do not include the cost of shipping. 
Please reach out to us at



I wish you had a gold tone version that is more affordable.
Do you have this in something that is not 14K Yellow Gold?

Yes, the majority of our pieces we also offer in Yellow Brass which is much more 
affordable than Gold. However Brass is not considered to be a fine metal. If you 
are looking for a fine metal, in gold tone we suggest, an 18K Gold Vermeil (Sterling Silver plated with 2 micron thickness of 14K or 18K Yellow Gold, it is pricier than Brass but less than solid 14K or 18K.  

Will Brass give me green finger or turn my skin green?
In all likelihoods, yes Brass will at some point give you a green finger. 
Brass has a really beautiful vintage quality about it, a rich patina from oxidation 
against chemicals naturally occurring from your skin or from being exposed to moisture (such as a from a shower, being outside, your own sweat, perfumes, colognes etc).
Many people prefer it's rich look and feel to actual gold. If the green-ness that can occur from this natural oxidation could bother you, we recommend washing with a mild soap and water and drying thoroughly, and purchasing a Sunshine jewelry polishing cloth to remove patina that rubs off on to the skin. We carry Sunshine cloths on our website. They're pretty large, and should last you a few years. 

I'm on a budget and want to get kitted out.
What is the difference between Brass, Gold Plating, Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil?

:: Solid Brass ::
We use Yellow Brass. It is an alloy (part Zinc and part Copper) making it a base metal. It has the rich look on a budget. It patinas which means it ages and oxidizes into a vintage look and feel. It's oxidation is efficiently removed by cleaning with a polishing cloth. We like it for its pure solidness, how it wears, and its affordability when gold is out of the question. It is what it is with Brass, and that truth is something we admire, however it is not hypoallergenic. 
:: Gold Plating | Also known as Gold Dipping | Gold Electroplating 
Less than 0.05% Pure Gold
If you've ever seen jewelry that is gold plated it looks beautiful in person. 
You buy it (because you like gold) and its a great price (or sometimes and often it isn't) but you figure it is gold plated - it will last. Not that we want to say that's completely wrong but here goes, WRONG. Gold plating to us is an industry trickery of electroplating an ultra thin layer of gold over the top of a base metal, designed to get you to buy a base metal that is gold toned with the customer believing they are buying something that is true gold and has more value than it is worth. As a standard it wears off in 3 months revealing the true base metal underneath which is typically a completely different color tone. 
We don't personally advocate for this plating. If you suffer from Nickel allergies you may want to ask what the base metal of a product is if it is claiming to be Gold Plated. 

:: Gold Filled :: 
Up to 5% Pure Gold
Gold Filled is an Industry standard for gold tone jewelry that is not solid gold. 
It is still considered better quality that Gold Plating however it is not considered a fine metal material because of its base metal core. 
If jewelry is Gold Filled, it has to be marked GF somewhere on the piece of jewelry.
By weight about 1/10th of a piece of Gold Filled jewelry's weight is actual gold.
Gold Filled wears like real gold and typically lasts 14 years.

:: 14K/18K/22K Gold Vermeil :: 
Pronounced (Ver-May or Ver-Meal)
Gold Vermeil is a dipping or thick plating of 14K, 18K or 22K Gold on top of 
Sterling Silver (.925 -- 92.5% Pure Silver mixed with 7.5% Copper). Unlike Gold Plating, Vermeil jewelry uses the layering of fine gold on top of another fine jewelry metal. 
We recommend this method if you are looking for an alternative to Sterling Silver but are into Gold colored jewelry.


Lets face it, no one is saintly to remove every piece of their jewelry 1000% of the time to unsure it never gets dirty in some way shape or form. If you have kids you can pretty much forget it, at some point, something will make its mark.  So here's how to clean it off. 

We recommend a mild soap and warm water, (honestly Blue Dawn dish soap or a standard shampoo works pretty well). Keep in mind that you definitely have to dry your jewelry very well afterwards with a soft cotton cloth. Vintage teeshirts, soft cotton towels work well. 
Use paper towel only if patting dry as it can leave small surface scratches. 
If you feel inclined, grab yourself a polishing cloth to make your jewelry super shiny after a clean. We like to use the Sunshine polishing cloths and provide them for our customers too. 
They're pastel yellow, suitable for Brass, Sterling Silver, 14K-18K Golds and even Platinum.Just don't wash them and use until completely soiled and blackened.