Brooklyn Smithy believes in local business, the fair and ethical treatment of animals and people, hard work, American made, Solar Energy Markets, Responsible Business Markets, Education, simple less impactful lifestyles, the growth of the local American made market. 

We work hand in hand with a network of family run businesses nation wide that believe in sustainable and conflict free initiatives to deliver to you, Made in USA bold jewelry.

Brooklyn Smithy does NOT agree with:
Animal Testing, greed, unbridled waste, outsourcing jobs to poor countries seeking greater profit. Bad quality food. Big box fashion or food stores. (Although I do shop at them occasionally out of necessity).


 R I N G  P A S S I O N A T E  +  R I N G  M A K E R S  +  R I N G  T R U E

We believe in you. We believe that the world is a becoming a better place. We aim to be less wasteful and spend our money in the places that we can say make a difference in bettering the world. We disagree with companies that put profits over the health of the population and of its employees.

We do not believe in cheap goods or products designed to fail to further sales. We do believe in quality and the longevity of our product. 

We are learning. Our metals, diamonds, precious and semi precious stones are ethically sourced and conflict free. Feel good knowing that the team of people that bring you this jewelry are happy, well fed and free. Our castings are done in Manhattan and Rhode Island by family owned and operated casting businesses. Finishing and sizing is done by JC Ortiz and Natasha Pia Podgoretsky, owners of Brooklyn Smithy.  

If you've bought from us we sincerely thank you. You've made it possible for Brooklyn Smithy to exist. We'll continue to strive for a better world. We believe it all starts with you and us agreeing that while handmade goods are more expensive, an investment is made in a company that supports World Greatness and Charity.